Bank Branch MICR Number Validation Tool

The MICR is a code printed on cheques using MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology. MICR code enables identification of cheques and which in-turn means faster processing of cheque leaves.

The MICR code is printed at the bottom of a cheque leaf, next to the cheque number. You can also find it on the first page of a bank savings account passbook, or wish to check it on the Reserve Bank of India’s website (

MICR is a 9-digit code

It comprises of 3 parts:

a) The first three digits represent the city (City Code). They are aligned with the PIN code we use for postal addresses in India.

b) The next 3 digits represent the bank (Bank Code)

c) The last 3 digits represent the branch (Branch Code)

Validate MICR Code