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GST Billing Desktop Applicatoin - Item Master Help

1. Click Masters.

2. Select Item Master. How to Create Item Master GST Billing Software

3. Enter Item Name, Item Code, HSN code, Item Category. Select Service or Goods.

4. Add Item Rate, Cess Rate, Tax Rate and Unit

Enter Item Details in GST Billing Software

5. Select Item Category.

Enter Item Category in GST Billing Software

Under GST taxation, all goods or services fall under fourGST CATEGORIES. They areNon GST, Nil Rated Goods, Exempted Goods and Others.

Non-GST Goods are Petroleum, Crude, Motor Spirit (Petrol), High Speed Diesel, Natural Gas, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Alcoholic liquor for human consumption and Electricity.

Nil-Rated Goods are those which attract 0% GST. Ex- Milk, Unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

Exempted Goods are those which are not charged with GST under the GST Act.

All Goods or Services which do not fall under the above categories fall in Others category.

6. You can select if an Input Tax Credit can be claimed for the given item through the checkbox "Is Credit Available?"

7. Click Save.

Save Item Details in GST Billing Software

NOTE : You can view details that you have entered in the GRID provided.

View Item Details in GST Billing Software

NOTE: Data can be modified and to save the modified data, click SAVE.

Note: Select the item in the grid and click DELETE to delete the items which you may not need further.

Delete Item Details in GST Billing Software

Items entered here will reflect further while you enter Invoices, Credit / Debit note, Etc.