Features of Lead Manager

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Never Miss a Business Opportunity with Systematic Lead Management

Manage Leads

Get Real-Time Lead Management with leads from all sources in one place, reports of lead follow-ups & conversions.

Web and Mobile App

Combination of a Web application to import leads and Mobile App to manage Quotations instantly, so you never miss an opportunity.

Role-Based Access

Role-based access for Employees and Administrators with separate dashboards for lead import, entry, assignments, transfers & follow-ups.

Flexible Plans

Flexible Pricing with plans to suit your organisation needs. Buy what you need first and add more as you grow.

Smartly Import Leads

Structured lead management, import leads from various sources and track them with systematic follow-ups.

Mass Email Campaigns

Schedule and run automatic targeted mass email campaigns with a goal to drive sales and set up automatic email follow-up.

Stress-free SAAS experience

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Manage Leads Anywhere

Log in into the application & import leads from the cloud into your Database for quick Follow-up. Quickly Start follow-up in minutes, with all information in one place.

Quick Leads Entry

Don't let important contact info slip by, even during a call. While still speaking, quickly note the lead info in Quick Leads Entry, & update the complete information later when you have time.

Role-based Access

Role-based access privileges for your team members to login and work with data online, anywhere.

Multiple Sources

Import Leads from multiple sources into one system for easy follow-up.

View Communication History

Quickly address customer issues with previous communication history in your fingertips.


Get timely reminders and don't miss any valuable leads.

Store Lead Contact Information

Store customer contact information systematically, call or send email to the leads easily with information at your fingertips.

Easy Follow-up Search

Just enter the date, & get what follow-up activities you need to do. Following up was never so easy!


Quick & Handy Reports so you easily know how your employees are performing their Follow-ups, or which products are being purchased.