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Employee Attendance & Work Monitoring Software

Collaborate with your team, create, allocate, track and monitor the progress of each job, both individual and group, remotely with GPS based attendance system.

Attendance and Task manager is simple yet effective tool in helping any organization manage employee leave and work- tasks and projects effectively.

It comes with employee and admin login modes. The employees can log in using the mobile application provided. Employees GPS coordinates provided will get recorded immediately. The user with Admin login will have access to all the features of the software They can create/allocate tasks and monitor progress, download Reports & more. They can approve /reject employee leave requests, approve extra work requests, create circulars to be flashed for all employees.

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Whereas the user with employee login will only have access to the tasks assigned to them. They can modify the status of a task or further assign those particular tasks to other employees. Employees can also apply for leave, check their leave balance, mark their attendance using this application.

Admins can create all the tasks in the taskmaster. Admins can assign a completion date for each job and assign it to single or more employees.

Employees are notified via emails and mobile applications when a task is assigned. They can then share this with their team, other employees and update each task's status: as pending to start, in progress, or completed. Users with Admin login privilege can monitor this.

Employees can update their daily work on the day-to-day work entry screen. The software allows managers to download various reports that help the managers analyze the performance of the employees, analyze additional training needs, resource planning and task management.

Managers can monitor the activities of on-field employees via the employee tracking facility present in the mobile application. Their GPS coordinates will get logged in every 10 minutes and are visible to the user with admin privilege.



Payroll Software Online Application, Features
Unlimited Salary components in Payroll software
Task -Management

Manage all the tasks in one place.

Statutory Compliance in Payroll software of officeanywhere
Real time monitoring of various tasks.

Monitor the progress, completion stage, delivery rate of all the tasks at any given time.

Benefits and Compensation Management in Officeanywhere
Prioritize your work

Time-sensitive tasks can be prioritised and completed.

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Track team progress

Check the status of the team’s tasks. Admins can monitor status changes and updates on individual tasks.

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Monitor deadlines and due dates

Easily assign tasks to team members. Set due dates for each task.

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Employee Login Option

Employee self-serve option to empower the employees. They can check tasks assigned to them, update status, transfer tasks etc.

Automatic PF calculations and validated ECR generation in payroll
Shared-team-calendar view

Keep everyone in the loop by using a shared calendar. Multiple users can see who is on leave from any device to schedule their team meetings and manage project and resource planning.

Create formulas using various components in payroll software of officeanywhere
Resource Planning

Task assignment & Progress updates help in Auto Resource Planning.

Track & record of the number of leaves
Meeting notification

Set meetings, notify employees about meetings in one click

Generate Printable Professional Payslips in PDF
circulars and notification

The application can send Important announcements to all mobile app users.

Muster Roll, Form T, Payslip, Salary Sheet and Many more MIS Reports

Completely customizable task reports – Generate task summary, extra work summary, daily work report within seconds.

Generate Bank Statements in payroll software
Excellent Support

Easily access our support line to address the queries that you may have.


Save time with payroll software

Advantages for the Managers

The attendance and Task manager helps the managers analyse how the team spends its time. They will have a quantifying measurement of the team’s work completed. Hence, they can be more engaged on each project, offering encouragement and stepping in when necessary. In addition, the software will help the managers recognize strong performers across the organization.

Economical payrol software

Advantages for the employees

The application will show all the tasks assigned with their respective priority and completion date. This system makes it easier for the employees to finish the work/tasks given and report the status of a completed job in a timely fashion. They can manage their leave effectively.

Role Based access and Data Security

Advantages for the organization

Whether it is work from home, or work in-office, with the help of the task manager, there is complete transparency and accountability of all the employees and all the tasks assigned. The application tracks every leave taken.

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