Payroll as easy as excel for PF, ESI, PT, TDS, Bonus & Gratuity

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Excel Payroll

Payroll as easy as excel for PF, ESI, PT, TDS, Bonus & Gratuity

Continue to do Payroll Calculation in Excel and Generate all Statutory Reports, and Electronic Returns like PF, ESI, NPS, PT and TDS from Online application.

Payroll as easy as Excel for PF, ESI, PT and TDS.

A single solution for online return filing of PF and ESI as per the schema given by the department. Excel Payroll will also generate Payslips and deduct PT, and TDS. It will generate all the reports related to payroll.

Calculating Salary in Excel is always easy. However, you cannot generate PF Statements prescribed by EPFO in .TXT format and ESI Statements in Excel Template specified by ESIC using Excel Easily. Calculation of TDS is complex in Excel as it depends on many inputs to be collected from Employees and not only on salary.

We have designed a Simple to Excel-based Payroll Software, which will import payroll from Excel and generate all statutory reports and other payroll-related reports in the prescribed format, through a cloud-based online solution.

Excel Payroll Application
Online Excel Payroll Application

How Excel Payroll Software Works?

• Import all Employees data from excel to Employee Master or add the employee details in employee master.
• Configure the settings of software for ease of use.
• Define all the applicable Salary Heads of earnings and deductions.
• You can import salary details from the excel of any format. Software allows user to import excel of any format.

Excel Payroll will do all statutory calculations like PF, ESI, PT, NPS, TDS and generate all the electronic reports. You may email Payslip/other reports to all the employees in simple steps.


Payroll as easy as excel for PF, ESI, PT, TDS

Excel Payroll Software Application, Features
Provident fund in excel payroll
Provident Fund

• UAN number can be generated with the text file which can then be uploaded on the government portal.
• PF electronic returns reports can be generated.
• Easy access to EPFO portal via office anywhere.
• Additional reports such as, FORM 5 & FORM 10 are also generated, exported and emailed.

Online excel payroll with ESI

• Can generate ESI electronic return & reports with the account number calculation.
• Auto calculation of ESI based on the Wage limit.
• Easy access to ESI portal via office anywhere.

PT Calculations based on Company Place of Work

• PT Calculations based on Company Place of Work
• Generate FORM 5A report.

NPS Report can be generated and exported in excel payroll software

• NPS Report can be generated and exported.

Compare salary in excel payroll software
Compare Salary

If you have calculated PF, ESI in excel, you can compare results with Excel sheet, after importing the Salary Details from Excel

excel payroll with customized templates
Customized Template

You can create a template with customized column names which allows you to import any salary from excel workbooks

Send email to all employees in payroll
Email Pay Slip to all Employees

Email Payslips to employees as PDF Attachment
Customized, Email body content, can be prepared, using parameters.

Gererate reports in excel payroll software
Generate Reports

• Salary Sheet
• Wage Register
• Form T
• Form 22
• Form F
• Form H
• Bank statement
• Form Q (Appointment letter)
• Bonus Form C
• Annual census & Separation tracker.

TDS in excel payroll

• Map TDS components with the Salary components.
• TDS declaration can be requested by Employee, which can be approved by Admin/HR.
• TDS Lock / Unlock facility for the declaration
• Calculate TDS based on Old and New regime selection
• TDS Lock / Unlock for the income tax calculation method (Old Tax regime or New Tax Regime)
• Calculate TDS will be with TDS declaration, Salary details, Chapter VI-A deductions.
• Generate Reports - FORM 16, STI, Income Tax report, Payslip with Income Tax Details

pdate the software when Govt Changes Rules related to PF, ESI, PT, TDS, NPS

We Update the software when Govt Changes Rules related to PF, ESI, PT, TDS, NPS.

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