Managing Leads defines your Business Success

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Lead Manager

Managing Leads defines your Business Success

Lead Manager is an application to help your business track and manage leads of prospective customers and optimize the sales process for better results.

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Never Miss a Business Opportunity with Systematic Lead Management

Lead Manager Software Online Application, Features
Manage Leads

Get Real-Time Lead Management with leads from all sources in one place, reports of lead follow-ups & conversions.

Role-Based Access

Role-based access for Employees and Administrators with separate dashboards for lead import, entry, assignments, transfers & follow-ups.

Smartly Import Leads

Structured lead management, import leads from various sources and track them with systematic follow-ups.

Web and Mobile App

Combination of a Web application to import leads and Mobile App to manage Quotations instantly, so you never miss an opportunity.

Flexible Plans

Flexible Pricing with plans to suit your organisation needs. Buy what you need first and add more as you grow.

Mass Email Campaigns

Schedule and run automatic targeted mass email campaigns with a goal to drive sales and set up automatic email follow-up.

Stress-free SAAS experience

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