Leave Manager - Track Employee Leaves with Approvals Smartly

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Leave Manager

Leave Manager - Track Employee Leaves with Approvals Smartly

Leave Manager is an Online Solution that helps your organization to manage the Leaves in an organized way by tracking Employee Leave Requests and Approvals.

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Leave Management Software

GaammaBytes Leave Manager is a simple, easy to use Leave Management Software to track Employee Leaves and Approvals. It eliminates tedious work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs. Leave Management is very easy with this simple Leave Tracking Software. Employees can login through their respective accounts and apply for leaves or extra working days. They can view their leave balances, leave taken days and extra worked days.

With this automated staff leave tracking tool, the managers will be notified when they log in and they can approve or reject leave applications. They can view employee leave summaries or detailed information. All this just in a few clicks! With this Employee Leave Processing and Management system, employee leave tracking is not a tedious work anymore . Through this software, yearly or monthly accrued leaves can be tracked, and leaves can be carried forward. Employee Leave applied summary can be obtained. Employee Leave or extra working days reports can be generated. Information can be exported to excel for further processing in payrolls and thus save time and valuable resource

Track Employee Leaves with Approvals Smartly in Leave manager


Tracks Employee Leave Allotment
Allows Leave Application and Approvals
Allows Extra Working Day Application & Approval

Tracks Extra Working Days

Generates Employee Leave Reports
Role-based access for Managers and Employees

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