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Office Expense Monitoring Software

"Office Expense Manager" - Online Software to track office expenses. Manage expenses, advances and reimbursements remotely with verification and approvals.

Office expense manager is a simple yet effective tool in helping any organization to manage, monitor and track office expenses effectively.

With multiple approvals and verification stages, expense Misappropriation will be under check. You can categorize all the payments under respective heads and narrations.

The software can generate Multiple reports for decision making.

Online Payroll Application

There are five users roles-based access in the software.

1. Maker: The person with the “maker “privilege can make and upload the expense vouchers and request for the amount to be reimbursed.

2. Checker: The person with the checker privilege can check and verify the expense requests raised by the maker.

3. Authorizer: The third level of approval is the member with the “authorizer” privilege. They can approve or reject the payment to be released.

4. Releaser: Final level in expense management is the user with “releaser” privileges. They can release part or full payment to the maker.

5. Viewer: The user with viewer privilege can view all the relevant reports and menu pages

Office anywhere application allows you to do both Advance reimbursements and expenditure reimbursements.



Payroll Software Online Application, Features
Unlimited Salary components in Payroll software
Voucher and Receipt Generation

Generate receipts and vouchers in default or custom format.

Statutory Compliance in Payroll software of officeanywhere
Different Expense head-wise details

Completely customizable expense heads to suit your company needs

Benefits and Compensation Management in Officeanywhere
Excel Export of receivables and expenditures Data

Generate reports in Excel to help you analyze the data using Excel functionalities.

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Payee-wise, Bank Account-wise, Date-wise Report

Customizable reports as per requirement.

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Running Balance is maintenance

Running Balance is maintained in the real-time for ready reference

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Employee Login Option

Option for Employees to log in and update expenses regularly.

Automatic PF calculations and validated ECR generation in payroll
Advance management

Manage Advances in an organized way. Adjust the advances against the expense voucher.

Create formulas using various components in payroll software of officeanywhere
Approvals and Verifications

With multiple levels of document approvals, control over expenses is more.

Track & record of the number of leaves
Role based Access

With multiple role-based access – maker, checker, approver, authorizer, releaser

Generate Printable Professional Payslips in PDF
Economically Priced

The application price is economical with no restriction on the number of users.

Muster Roll, Form T, Payslip, Salary Sheet and Many more MIS Reports
High Quality reports

Completely customizable reports. Payee-wise, Bank Account-wise, Date-wise Report.

Generate Bank Statements in payroll software
Excellent Support

Easily access our support line to address the queries that you may have.

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