Employee Leave Dashboard

In this help topic, you will learn information about Leave Summary, Leave Calendar and Leave approval Group of Leave Dashboard.

When you select Leave from Payroll application, you can see only the Menu related to Leave Module and Leave dashboard.

The dashboard will display the summary of Leave module.

There are three groups which display a different set of Summary Information.

Leave Summary Group:

Leave summary will display, different number of Leaves Defined in the Leave Module.

It will show Opening Balance, leave allotted, Leaves Taken, Leaves Encashed, Leaves adjusted, Pending Leaves, Number of employee’s whole leave balance is in negative for each type of leave. This group will show a summary of leaves of all the employees who are working as on date.

Leave Calendar Group:

In this group, you can see the Calendar of the selected month. It will show Holidays, weekly off, in different colour and it will also indicate how many Employees or on leave on various days of the month.

Leave Approval Group:

This group will display the number of Leaves which are yet to be approved.