You have to create the Masters before you create employee entries and process Salary. Masters are the data entry forms in which you create item lists. In other forms, you will use these items. Master entries are required mainly to maintain the uniformity, and most of the master items will be helpful while filtering the data else wherein the application.

Entering Department Master is explained in detail and all remaining Master entries to be created on almost the similar lines.


Department master of online payroll application

Under the Master Menu, Click on the Department sub-menu. In the window that opens, enter the Department name.

Save department in Payroll master screen

Click on Save Button to save details.

You can add as many departments as you require. Click on NEW and follow the same process to make more entries. To edit a record, click on the pen icon present in the Action , make the necessary corrections and click on save. To delete an item, click on the delete icon present on the Action and click Ok.

Similarly, you can enter data in

  1. Designation Master: Enter various designations you assign to employees. Usually, the designation field is displayed in Payslip.
  2. Branch Master: Enter various ESI branches the employees are covered under.
  3. Qualification: You can enter various Qualification in Qualification master
  4. Country, State and Place: To enter a Place in Payroll, you must first create respective State. Entry ‘India’ will be available as a country in country master. You have to enter a different country only if some of your employees are from a different nation.