If you are a new user of, click on Start your Free Trial button as shown below.

Officeanywhere online registration

This opens a signup page. Enter all the relevant information likeName, Company name,Email-id, Phone number,City Name, Country Name and create a Password. You can create any password of your choice. However, it should contain an uppercase letter, a lower-case letter, a number and a special character.

Once all the fields are entered, tick the checkbox stating I agree to terms and conditions and click on Sign Up.

Sign up Officeanywhere online for free demo

This process will send an email to email-id you have provided. Activate your account by clicking on the Click here link provided in your account.

registration email of officeanywhere online

Sign in using the email-id and password. When you first log in to office anywhere, you can note two tabs My Apps and Apps collection.

My apps will be empty as you are yet to add any new application. All the applications hosted in office anywhere is listed under the tab APP COLLECTION.

app collection of officeanywhere online

To start using any application, click on the Start Trial button provided just below the chosen application. In the pop up that opens, select the Company name and enter a name for the instance that you are creating.

To Create an Payroll instance, Click on Start Trial in Payroll card as shown below.

Payroll online application free trial

In the pop up that opens, select the Company name and enter a name in Name your App for the instance that you are creating.

Start online payroll application free trial

Click on Open in the newly created Payroll instance under my apps to start using it.

open payroll online application free trial

Note that you can create multiple instances of the same application, and also you can add instances of different application. Please contact Office Anywhere to for assistance in creation of same.