Petty Cash Online Application for Office Expense Management

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Petty Cash

Petty Cash Online Application for Office Expense Management

Petty Cash is an office expense accounting online application to track Transactions, Print Vouchers, and Generate Various Reports based on the Head of Account

Petty Cash (Cash Management) Software

Petty Cash is a small accounting application developed by GaammaBytes that can be used to effectively handle Petty Cash Transactions in any organization. It is simple to use, designed to save time, prevent errors (and misuse), and produce reports suitable for easy accounting and checking. The Petty Cash Manager is an easy to use software through which, users can easily manage expenses under various Accounting Heads and generate very informative reports easily.

Petty Cash Online Application for Office Expense Management

Petty Cash Online Application for Office Expense Management

Petty Cash Software Online Application, Features
Voucher and Receipt Generation Petty Cash Online Application
Voucher and Receipt Generation
Excel export of Pettycash Expense Management
Excel Export of Petty Cash Data
Running balance maintainance is Expense management
Running Balance is maintainance
Pettycash with different head-wise details
Different head-wise details
Payee-wise, Bank Account-wise, Date-wise Report in pettycash online software
Payee-wise, Bank Account-wise, Date-wise Report
Economically Priced pettycash software of expense management
Economically Priced


Generally, in any organization, there are various payments that are spontaneous in nature. If these payments are made by the main cashier every time, and then recorded in the main cash book, it will be laborious, and it will result in a heavier accounting file. To manage this scenario, usually, a Petty Cash book is maintained with various accounting heads and these entries are managed separately. Summary of Petty Cash can be then posted to main accounting Package and very effectively reduce the burden on the Accounting Software used.

In bigger organizations, there are multiple points where such expenditure is maintained. All this expenditure cannot be maintained by a single accounting person since these expenses are managed at different branches in different locations. It is important to record all petty cash transactions so that you can claim more legitimate business expenses and lower your business taxes. This task can be systematically automated by the Petty Cash Management Software developed by GaammaBytes Pvt Ltd

Petty Cash Management is particularly effective for finance departments which need to take control of distributed cash. This application can also be configured to print out vouchers so that the receiving party can acknowledge the receipt of money by signing the printed paper as and when required

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