Quickly Generate Quotations from Web & Mobile Application

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Quickly Generate Quotations from Web & Mobile Application

Quoting software increases your sales team’s productivity, impress your prospects, and ultimately help you win new business. With Quotation application of Office Anywhere you can Create full-fledged quotes with client name, quotation number, and product-related details along with personalized notes.

Discover How you can Create Quickly Create Quotation

• Access application either from Web or from Mobile – Anywhere, Anytime.
• Allows you to Change Price and Product description on the fly.
• Catalogue your products and services.
• Stores Prospects database in a systematic way and helps you to export data to billing or lead management application.
• Send Quotation through Email or Send quotation as a Whats app Message.
• Generate Data-driven reports from a list of quotations prepared.

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Find out - How Quotation Application users are getting Benefited.

Completely Configurable Salary Components

Prospects are likely to respect your service if they get the Quotation – Quickly after inquiry. You can generate quotation quickly with Quotation Application.

Unlimited Salary Components, Earnings & Deductions

You can prepare a quotation and send even when you are on the move through your Mobile

Statutory Compliance

Cataloguing your products and service and Selecting Appropriate Quotation Template allows you to prepare Custom Quotation without missing any essential Terms of sales.

Salary Formula Configuration

Centralised management of Prospect Database helps you to follow up a lead if they have not purchased your product or service.

Leave Management, Track & record of the number of Leaves

Sending Quotation as What's App Message can help your customer Access Quotation much faster even if he is on the move.

Generate Printable Professional Payslips

Data-Driven Reports will help you make informed Decision.

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