Complete Payroll Solution with PF, ESI, PT, TDS, and More.

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Complete Payroll Solution with PF, ESI, PT, TDS, and More.

Intuitive online payroll processing application suitable for Indian Establishments. Includes Offer Letter, Leave Management, PF, ESI, PT, NPS, TDS, Gratuity, Ex Gratia, Bonus, Muster Roll, Form T, MIS Reports & More.

Complete Solution for Payroll

Payroll is an easy-to-use application in Office Anywhere Platform that automates payroll processing and salary calculation considering statutory provisions defined by Govt. of India. This Comprehensive Payroll Management Software has a user-friendly platform with which you can easily do salary configurations as per your establishment requirements. It is statutory compliant and has an inbuilt calculation for ESI, PF, PT, Bonus, Gratuity, TDS and NPS. Prepare Payslip, Email to Employees and Maintains records of salary paid. This application's key feature is that even an employee can log in to check their salary details and generate pays slips and request Leave online or through a mobile application. This application is suitable for any size organization and used by small start-ups, payroll consulting companies, staffing agencies, and manufacturing companies.

Online Payroll Application
Payroll app in officeanywhere - online

How Payroll Software Works?

To start with this easy Payroll software, follow the steps mentioned below

a) Import or add the Employee details
b) Enable statutory components that apply to your establishment (like PF, ESI, PT, NPS, TDS)
c) Configure the salary components, allowances for each employee as per your company's payroll policy
d) All Statutory Calculations are taken care of by the application
e) You can generate all the statutory electronic returns and MIS Reports

Offers Many More Features

• You can define any number of salary structures.
• Yearly Payments like Bonus, Ex-Gratia are simplified.
• You can do Full and Final Settlement when Employee Retires - Such as Gratuity, Leave Encashment etc.
• You can do Full and Final Settlement when an Employee Resigns from an Organisation.
• At the end of every wage period, you can generate and email smart-looking Payslips.
• Professional Tax calculation is available for all Indian States.
• You can accommodate even the variable components easily.
• Provision for periodical Salary Revision.
• You can generate many types of documents for all the employees using the custom templates option.


Payroll Management (ESI, PF, TDS, PT) Software India

Payroll Software Online Application, Features
Unlimited Salary components in Payroll software
Unlimited Salary components

Add any number of components for earnings & deductions.

Statutory Compliance in Payroll software of officeanywhere
Statutory Compliance

Fully compliant with statutory provisions defined by India like ESI, PF and more

Benefits and Compensation Management in Officeanywhere
Benefits and Compensation Management

Allows efficient processing for one-time benefits like gratuity and leave-encashment and periodic benefit calculations like for bonus.

Offer letter correction in payroll software
Offer-letter creation

Create Offer Letters for new candidates. Configure, Convert as Employee export in the required format and email quickly.

TDS Calculation in payroll software
TDS Calculation

Depending on the declarations provided by the employees, Calculate TDS deductible. You can also check and calculate TDS with the new and old regime.

Automatic ESI computation and Create Excel File

Automatic ESI computation and Create Excel File for generating Payment Challans.

provide Increment or Hike in terms of Amount or Percentage to the employees
Salary Hike

You can provide Increment / Hike in terms of Amount / Percentage to the employees in a single check.

Payroll with Unlimited Salary Groups
Unlimited Salary Groups

Add any numbers of salary groups to handle different salary structures

Automatic PF calculations and validated ECR generation in payroll
Provident Fund

Automatic PF calculations and validated ECR generation (Notepad text File) in a compatible format, ready to upload in EPFO portal.

Create formulas using various components in payroll software of officeanywhere
Salary Formula Configuration

Create formulas using various components & Leave details to derive the salary as per company

Track & record of the number of leaves
Leave Management

Track & record of the number of leaves and the type of leave availed by the staff.

Generate Printable Professional Payslips in PDF

Generate Printable Professional Payslips in PDF and Email to respective Employees each month

Muster Roll, Form T, Payslip, Salary Sheet and Many more MIS Reports

Muster Roll, Form T, Payslip, Salary Sheet and Many more MIS Reports.

Generate Bank Statements in payroll software
Bank statements

Generate Bank Statements quickly in any Bank specified format.

Advance Management in Payroll software
Advance Management

There is a provision in the software to track advance payment/loans given to the employees. Return instalments can be planned and auto deducted from salary.

UAN Generation in payroll software
UAN generation

Generate a file to request a UAN number and upload it into the Govt. portal.


Save time with payroll software

Save Time

Most of the calculation are automated with significantly decrease the time for payroll-related processes

Economical payrol software


You have to pay based on the number of employees in your Organization, and You have to pay yearly. Return on Investment to your Establishment very early

Role Based access and Data Security

Role Based access and Data Security

Provides an access-control mechanism defined around roles and privileges to ensure data Security

custom solution in payroll

Custom Solution

Many establishments use this application. In case your Organization requires a specific feature. We can accommodate a particular custom solution for your establishment. It can be customizing Payslip for as per your company format or a significant change in payroll application.

Document generation in payroll

Document Generation

Generate parameter-based documents to each employee in the required format by selecting and exiting template file. There is also a provision to add a new template for document generation.

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