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Find Broken Links in entire Website and Export SEO Meta Data

Broken links on your website damage your website's credibility online. Using Broken Link Check Utility you can Easily find Broken Links in Entire Website.

It will take a few seconds to couple of minutes to process your data. Email Will be send once the website is entirely processed to the specified Email id.

Broken links on a website is a frustrating experience for visitors. Most visitors to your website are not likely to return if they encounter a broken link because they feel cheated for not getting the information they expected.

A broken link is a dead link which on clicking, does not work or will not take the user to the intended page.

When was the last time you did a website check to find any broken links? If you have been regularly adding or deleting pages, images or videos in your website, and ignored the check for broken links, you must do it now!

SEO Metadata

If your website has to Rank good in Search Engines like Google, 3 Web page properties are very important that is Meta Description, Page Title, and Page Heading. Along with generating a broken link report this application will send you report of metadata of all the pages of your website. Using this report you can improve your website SEO Rating. In case if you want more information about Search Engine Optimisation of your website to generate more leads for you. Please do contact us.

How Broken links damage your credibility (and sales)?

  • Visitors to your site find it frustrating because they do not get the information as promised in search results.
  • Visitors are likely to click the ‘Back button’ and you will lose a potential customer!


Why should you bother about broken links in your Website?

Broken links do serious damage to your website, business, and reputation because they hurt your search engine rankings and your site’s user experience, resulting in lost customers and revenue.