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Loan Interest Calculator

Track Loans with Ease

Loan Interest Calculator helps you to keep track of your Loans and Outstanding Amounts in each Loan by the creation of multiple Interest calculation accounts and calculating Interest Amounts.

Track Loans with Ease

ERachana Technologies has developed Loan Interest Calculator a simple solution for calculating interest for various loans using Simple Interest Calculation Method. This Application helps you to keep track of your Loans and Outstanding Amounts in each Loan.

Loan Interest Calculator

Why Loan Interest Calculator?

Keeping this in mind, ERachana Technologies has come up with a Simple Loan Interest Calculation Utility, where it becomes very easy to keep track of the final outstanding amount while having multiple loans. It serves as a loan borrowing calculator for you, using which you can plan your monthly repayment of loans. This Utility can be used as a Quick Loan Calculator for calculating Interest amounts for your Personal Loans. If you have taken personal loans or if you are giving out personal loans then this software will be very helpful to you. When a loan is given by the bank, Interest Calculation is done by banking software. Just enter the basic details like Amount Borrowed, Date of borrowing, and Rate of Interest. Then, as you make payments, enter the amounts and dates. If new borrowings are made, enter the borrowed amount. The software will calculate the final outstanding amount and Interests Accrued just by using this basic data and spare you the hassles of complicated calculations. You can keep track of your Loans and Outstanding Amounts and also Interest accrued in each case.


Easy and Fast Deployment

Easy to track different Loans with Multiple Accounts
Easy to calculate Interest accrued
Running Balance is updated after every payment or borrowing.
Excel Export of Loans Data

Economically Priced