Email ID Verification for Better Email Campigns

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Email ID Verification

Tool to help you do better email campaigns
Email id verification is a must in case if you want to get better open rates for your email campaigns. Some of the email ids in your email list may be invalid as on date and sending email to non-existent email id will result in 'hard bounce', and ultimately your emails will not reach the inbox in case of freshly sent emails.

Email ID Verification

Why Email Ids have to be Verified?

Problem with Email ID List
a) You might have created Email ID list through Opt-in Registration in your website
b) You might have generated your Email ID list through your Customer Database
c) You might have Purchased Email ID list from any Source
In all these cases, there is a possibility that Email ID no more Exists as on date, for various reasons and when you send an email to email ids that doesn't exist results in a 'hard bounce'. If you send many emails to email ids that do not exist, it is most likely that your future emails will not reach the inbox.
We have developed an algorithm which will identify whether an email id exists or not. When you send emails to only valid email ids, it is most likely that you will get better results for your email campaign.

Email Id Verification

Advantages with Email ID Verification Tool

Completely Configurable Salary Components

Complete Verification

Complete check taking into account a dozen of criteria related to Email Validity followed by an algorithmic check to ensure that email id exists

Unlimited Salary Components, Earnings & Deductions

It is worth id

Spending a nominal amount on email verification before your do your campaign is always worth it

Statutory Compliance

Improve Email Inbox Deliverability

When your email list is verified, Email Inbox Deliverability naturally increases.

Salary Formula Configuration

Improved Campaign Performance

When you do Email Campaigns with Verified Email ID List, you will have Improved Campaign Performance

Salary Formula Configuration

Don’t Import invalid Email Ids to your software’s

Cleaning the Email ID list, before you import it to your Email ID database is best practice. Don’t Import invalid email ids to your CRM or other packages

How to check if an email address is valid without actually sending an email?

It is possible to check is Email ID valid without sending any Email. The primary purpose of creating a clean list of email IDs is to ensure better delivery. Just submit your email id in this free tool, and you will get the reason, why an email id is valid or invalid.

How many emails can I verify at once?

There is no limit on the verification of many email ids. You submit your email id list, and we will send you the quotation. Once you make the payment, we will send email id verification status for every email id.

Why email id checking before sending bulk Email is a good idea?

If you are sending many emails to invalid Email ids, there are several potential consequences. One of the significant damage is your email id being blacklisted. In many other cases, your emails will be directed to spam folders, which will result in lower open rates. Email id Verification will help you safeguard your sender reputation.


Never Miss a Business Opportunity with Systematic Email ID Verification Management

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