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Email ID Verification

Free Email ID Verification Tool for Email Campaigns

Using this free Email ID Verification tool you can clean your email id list. It takes only a few seconds and requires no technical skills. If you have a small list of email ids to be verified, you may choose to individually verify it. If you have a list of email ids to be verified, you have to create a CSV file with all the email ids and upload CSV File. The software will quickly analyze email lists of any size (Up to 10,000 Email id in one file), identifying which addresses are valid and which are not.

Email ID Validator


Email ID Verification Tool


How to check if an email address is valid without actually sending an email?

It is possible to check is Email ID valid without sending any Email. The main purpose of creating a clean list of email IDs is to ensure better delivery. Just submit your email id in this free tool and you will get the reason, why an email id is valid or invalid. We don’t send emails and check is an email id is valid or not. We have developed algorithms for the verification of email id.

How many emails can I verify at once?

There is no limit on the verification of a number of email ids. However, in a given list, only upto 10,000 email ids are verified in a single pass. You can create multiple files having 10,000 email ids each and get it verified.

Why email id checking before sending bulk Email is a good idea?

If you are sending many emails to invalid Email ids, there are several potential consequences. One of the major damage that is most probable is your email id being blacklisted. In many other cases, your emails will be directed to spam folders, which will result in lower open rates. Email id Verification will help you safeguard your sender reputation.