Email Markrting Service for Effective Marketing Campign

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Email Markrting Service for Effective Marketing Campign

Email Marketing Service by Office Anywhere is the easiest platform for reaching out Prospects for Better Results.

Why Email Marketing Service by Office Anywhere Team?

When we starting sending email to our Email List, we found that all our emails are not reaching to Inbox. We tried emailing software’s and emailing service and found that open rates are very low when we do email campaigns through available software’s and service. Further we developed a software to help you do your Email Campaigns called Better Reach. We also found out that most of our customers are busy and cannot spend time in doing email campaigns on their own and hence we started helping customers in Email Marketing by Providing it as a Service.

Email Markrting Service

We have different Services to help our customers to get more Leads.

a) Yellow Pages – Search Indian Companies

b) Email Finder – Find Publicly Available Email Ids of given Website

c) Email ID Verification Tool – Email Verification is must for any Email Campaign for better Result

d) Email Solution – Better Reach is Bulk Email Sending Solution

Why you have to Choose Office Anywhere Email Marketing Service?

Completely Configurable Salary Components


Our Plans start with minimum quantity of 4000 Emails and hence you need not invest much.

Unlimited Salary Components, Earnings & Deductions


We provide you Login Details to Dashboard, so that you can measure what is happening.

Statutory Compliance


Our Team is Reachable. You can discuss with our team for all the doubts that you may have.

Salary Formula Configuration

Better Reach

We ensure you get very good open rates for emails sent as we do email campaigns in a very systematic manner.

Email Marketing is Provided for following Purposes

• Product / Service Promotion

• Event marketing

• Loyalty and onboarding campaigns

• Remarketing to Existing Customers

• Updating Information to Existing Email List

Email Campaign Steps

a) You have to Provide the Email ID from which Campaign to be Done
b) You have to provide the content for Email – We will suggest Improvements Including Subject
c) We will design Email Template and Send Samples – Check in Outlook, Web and Mobile for Readability and Presentation.
d) Send us Email ID List
e) We will Do Email ID validation / verification and indicate how many Email ids are invalid
f) We will do Email Campaign in Phased Manner to Ensure Better Reach
g) You will know the Progress in Application Dashboard
h) We will Provide you Final Report which Includes Bounce / Unsubscribe / Open Email Details

Note: Target of our Email Campaign is always Better Reach. We assure you very good open rates (From 10% to 70%). If you have very good quality email ids, then open rate will be more than 70%.

Email Marketing Plan

One Time Registration

Template Design

Email Validation and Verification

Email Charges

Rs. 1000

Rs. 500 / Template

Rs. 0.20 / Email

[Quantity – Multiple of 4000]

Rs. 0.25 / Email

[Quantity – Multiple of 4000]


If you don’t have email id list. We have email gathered from various websites. We can help you build email id list which will help you to promote your business. Email ID List Charges are Extra.

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