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Bug Tracker Help - Super Admin User

Step 1: User Registration

A Super Admin can Register to the application as shown below

The following are the functions performed by the Super Admin User.

1. Creates Users

2. Edit User Details

3. Role Mapping

4. Create/Edit/Delete Projects and Masters

5. Purchasing different plans

Bug Tracker User Registration

Step 2: User Login

Once the registration is completed, a confirmation email will be sent, click on the link to confirm, you will be redirected to the Login page of the bug tracker application.

User Login

Step 3: Dashboard

Super Admin has the provision to create other Users and assign Roles to them. On the Successful login, the following dashboard is seen.

Bug Tracker Dashboard

New Project Creation

When new registration is done, on the successful login. Few master information needs to be stored for one time like Company details, User creation as shown below.

Step 4: Create Company Details

To create Company details, click on Company details in the menu ribbon as shown below.

Bug Tracker New Project Creation

On the page that opens, fill the details of the fields which are mandatory. Click Save.

Step 5: User Creation

To create Users, click on the Users in the menu ribbon. In the window that opens, enter User name, Email ID and click on Save to save details. If a User needs to be made as Admin then you have to check the Is Creator checkbox and save. By default, the super admin user can view Plans available. This option can be given to other users by checking the checkbox Is Buyer.

Bug Tracker Project Creation

Step 6: Project Creation

To create a New Project, click on the New Project button as shown below.

Bug Tracker User Dashboard

On click of Create New Project, a small screen pops up, fill in the Project Name and click on Create button. Respective Project will be created.

Bug Tracker New Project

Few actions are available for created projects.

Manage Projects in Bug Tracker

Users, Close Project, Rename. Users(Team members) can be added to the Project.

Step 7: Add Users to the Project

Click on Users to add users to the Project as shown below. Select the User name from the dropdown, check the checkbox of Admin if he is an Admin in this project, check the checkbox of Active if he is Active in this project. Roles will be displayed in the grid such as Developer, Tester, and Viewer. The following privileges are provided in the application,

View: Users with these privileges can only view screens.

Save: Users with these privileges can only view and Save data on the screens.

Delete: Users with these privileges can only view, Save and Delete data on the screens.

Map respective privileges to the users in the project and click on the Save to save details. Add Users in Bug Tracker

Step 8: Subscription Details

Click on the Subscription Details in the menu ribbon to know the Subscription Details of the registered user.

View Subscription Details in Bug Tracker

Step 9: Plans

Click on the Plans in the menu ribbon to know the offered features in the application

Subscription Plans in Bug Tracker