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Cheque Book Manager Desktop Application - Help


The Cheque Book Manager can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application. Download, Install and Register theCheque Book Manager Application from our website Installation & Registration are explained in Detail in this link - Installation and Registration

After registration, create a New File and enter Masters Details.

Create Masters

Create Masters are used for storing various master details. The Masters can be accessed from the Masters menu.

Create Cheque Book Masters

Enter the details of the Banks in Bank Master. To do this, click on Bank Master, enterBank Name and Save the details .

Create Bank Details Master

Now, enter the details of the accounts in AccountMaster. Click on AccountMaster and enter the details -- AccountNo., Bank Name, Report Path.

For each bank, Cheque Leaf dimension will be different. So, you should select the appropriate Cheque Leaf Report File. Click on triple dotted Button and select the respective Cheque Leaf file.

Create Account Details Master

Click Save to save the details.

Create New Account Details Master

Enter the details of the Payees in Receiver Master. You can do this by clicking on ReceiverMaster from the Masters menu. Enter theReceiver Name, and then click Save.

Save Account Details Master

Issue Cheques

Once Masters are updated you can easily issue cheques.

Enter details in the Cheque Issue Entry form.

Select a Bank Account in Account No. The respective Bank Account's Cheque details can be entered here.

Fill in the details - Issue To,Cheque No, ChequeDate, Cheque Status,Cleared Date, Amount and Remarks. Once the cheque details are verified, the checkbox Is Verified? can be checked.

Click Save to save the above entered details.

How To Issue Cheque?

The details of cheques of the respective bank account selected can be seen in the grid. Hence, you can track the cheques passed till date according to the Bank Account.

Enter Cheque Details

View Pending Cheques

In Cheque Book Manager you can manage different statuses of cheque - Issued, Cleared, Security and Cancelled.

However, information about Uncleared cheque is always handy before issuing another cheque.

Pending Cheques and the Pending Amount can be seen by clicking the Pending Cheques button.

How to View Pending Cheques

The Details of the Cheques that are pending is shown in the window.

Pending Cheques Details

Print Cheques

Using Cheque Book Manager, you can print cheques of any bank. Depending on the report file you have selected while configuring bank account, cheque details will be printed as per the report file of respective bank.

You just need to select a cheque to be printed, and click Print button.

How to Print Cheque in Cheque Book Manager

Printed Cheque in Cheque Book Manager