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GST Billing Desktop Applicatoin - Print Invoice - Help

Prerequisites: Party Master , Transaction Settings and Item Master have to be updated before generating an Invoice.

To Prepare an Invoice

1. Click Sales

2. Select Invoice How to Generate Invoice in GST Billing Software

3. Select Invoice Type, Party Name, Invoice by and enter Reference No and Reference Date

Select the Details in GST Billing Software

4. The default Invoice Date is current date which populates automatically. You can change it if necessary.

5. Select the Item Name from the list. (You can also add the item to Item Master from here by clicking the 3 dotted button)

Select the Item in GST Billing Software

NOTE: Once you select the Party name, Address, Place, Item rate, Tax rate, CGST and SGST or IGST rates will be automatically generated.

6. Enter item quantity in Qty.

7. Enter Discount if any.

Enter Discount in GST Billing Software

8. Click Update.

Update the item in GST Billing Software

9. Click Add to add more items to your Invoice and follow the steps mentioned above.

Add another Item in GST Billing Software

10. View the Grid to see the items

View Items in GST Billing Software

11. Select the item on the Grid and Click Remove to delete any item.

Remove Item in GST Billing Software

12. Click More Details

More Details Option in GST Billing Software

13. Select which address you want to consider for taxation purpose, i.e.Billing Address or Shipping Address.

Note: The GST Rates are applied according to the address considered for taxation.

Consider Shipping Address Option in  GST Billing Software

To Enter a Different Shipping Address

14. Select Is Shipping Address Different?

Different Shipping Address Option in GST Billing Software

15. Click Shipping Address

16. Enter Details

Enter Shipping address in GST Billing Software

17. Click Save

Save Entered Shipping Address in GST Billing Software


View the updated Invoice.

View Updated Invoice in GST Billing Software

19. Click Save.

Delete the Invoice GST Billing Software

To Delete the Invoice

1. Click Sales/Purchase

2. Select Invoice

3. Click the Invoice in the Grid

4. Click Delete

Confirm Deletion in GST Billing Software

5. Click OK/Cancel

Note: The Invoice cannot be deleted if there are any dependent transactions.