How to Assign Leads in Lead Management with Software? - Help

Assign Leads

The Leads for whom Assigned To is set as Hold, those leads will be available in the Assign Leads screen that is opened. If Admin has uncertainty on whom to assign the lead, he may set it as Hold and later assign it to an Employee through Assign Leads screen.

Click on Assign Leads Submenu.

How to Assign Leads?

The Filters such as Country, State, Place, and Source are provided to sort out the data based on User Requirement.

Select any data in filter and Click on List.

Filters in Lead Manager

To Assign the Lead, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select the Lead by Checking the Select Checkbox.

Step 2: Click Assign.

Assign Leads in Lead Manager

Step 3: Select the Employee to whom you want to Assign the Lead to from To field.

Step 4: Click Assign.

Assign lead to Employee

Step 5: Click OK.

Lead Manager Lead Confirmation

The Confirmation Text appears to notify Successful Transfer of Lead.

Lead Assigned Confirmation

The Assigned Lead will be available to the User/Employee when he logs in with the status as ‘New'.