Import Leads into Lead Collection Software - Help

Import Details

In Import Details, following features are avaialble Edit Lead Details, Assign Leads and Lead Excel Import.

Import Leads into Lead Management System

From the Database credentials stored in the Source Master, the registered Users Data will be imported by clicking on Import from all Sources.

Import Leads Grow your Business

The Newly registered lead details will be imported and the No. of lead imported will be displayed as below. Click Ok.

Import Leads for Marketing Automation

The Imported Lead Details will be displayed in the grid.

Import Contacts with Lead Management Tools

If the Country, State and place are already present in the Masters present in the application, it will be available in Country, State and Place Column in the grid, otherwise the data will be displayed in Entered Country, State and Place columns.

Import for Lead Generation CRM Integration

To add the Location Details, Click on Modify Place Icon as shown below.

Collect Lead Contact Details

In the screen that opens, click on the below shown Three dotted button if the Place is not available in the master.

How to Collect Leads?

The Place Master Screen will opened, Add the new place if the State is already present. In case the State is not available in State Master, Click on the Three dotted button and Add the State and Country details.

Import Leads into Lead Collection Software, Lead Manager software, How to Collect Leads?

After adding the New Location details, enter the place name in Place from Masters field and select the place from the dropdown. Click on Set Place.

Update Lead Location Details

The Location details will be updated in Country, State and Place Columns.

How to Filter Leads by Location

Edit Lead Details

To Edit the Lead details in case of Irrelevant data, click on the Icon shown below in the Action column.

Update Lead Location Details

Note: The Number 9999999999 and Email Id can be used any number of times since they will not be considered as Duplicate date. This provision is provided to avoid improper and Invalid data and if no data is available.

Email Id and Phone Number can be Edited as shown below. If there is any irrelevant entry such as 00 in Phone Number field, to maintain proper data in the application, it can be replaced with 9999999999.

Collect Lead Emails for your Business

Edit the details and click on Save.

Collect Lead Contacts for your Business

Click Ok.

Software to Collect Leads Online

Data will be Updated in the Import Screen.

Tool to Collect Leads Online

Assign Leads

To Assign the Lead to Users/Employee, click on the below shown Icon.

Tool to Collect Leads for your Campaign

In the Assign Leads popup that opens, Select the User Name from Assign To dropdown and Click on Assign.

Software to Collect Leads for your Campaign

If the Admin is not sure about whom to assign the Lead to, an option named Hold is available. The Leads who are assigned to Hold option will be available in Assign Leads form. From Assign Leads, they can be assigned to Users/Employees whenever required.

Best Tool to Collect Leads

To Delete the Data, Select the Checkbox from Select Column and Click on Delete button.

 Filter Leads with Lead Collection Tool

Filters are provided to filter data based on Entered Country and Source. Select the required data and Click on List.

Filter Leads with Lead Collection Software

Lead Excel Import

Excel Import provision is provided to Import Lead details from Excel file in bulk. Click on Excel Import.

Excel Import in lead collection software

Click on Download Template.

Excel Template for lead collection

In the Downloaded Template, Enter the Lead data. The Source and Location Details should be present in the Application Masters.

Excel Template in lead Collection Software

Click on Choose File to select the Excel file.

Help, Import Leads into Lead Collection Software, Excel Template for Lead Collection

Select the Excel file.

Best Excel Template for Lead Collection

Click on Import Button.

Best Excel Template for Lead Generation