Project Details Manager Software - Release Notes

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Project Details Manager Software - Release Notes

Best Project Tracking Tool, Manage Projects Smartly Version New Release    Project Details Manager Software, Release Notes, OfficeAnywhere 18/10/2018

1. User Management - Admin and Employee

2. Different Dashboards for different Users

3. User based access to Different Modules

4. Allows user to store Project Information

5. Allows user to store Customer Information

6. Allows to create Project Team

7. Allows users to add Project Tasks and Task Assignments and Estimation

8. Allows users to add Work Details for Assignments

9. Allows users to track Project status

10. Allows users to track Assignment Status

11. Allows users to calculate Project Cost

12. Allows to track Employee Salary Details

13. Allows to Track Project Bills and Receipts

14. Reports - Daily Reports, Productivity Reports, Project-wise Report and Cost Report

15. Allows to send Emails

16. Allows to add attachments

17. Auto Email Sending when Project is assigned to Employees

18. Allows to track Monthly Expenditure Analysis, Overhead Cost Rate

19. Allows to add External Tasks

20. Allows new user registration functions - Auto-generation of Registration Link, New Login Password

21. Allows Login Related Functions - Password Generation, Password Reset, Forgot Password

Allows to make user account inactive